I enjoy my visits with Dr. Mian. She is thorough and has kept me on track through the years. She's a caring individual and has your best medical interest at heart. She spends the time and asks the appropriate questions. GREAT CARE by Dr Mian!

Dr. Mian provides compassionate, individualized care. I never feel rushed or like she is in a hurry during my appointments. I have been under her care for more than 10 years and trust my health to her completely. Dr. Mian has a beautiful personality, she is friendly and easy to talk to. I feel comfortable with her care. She takes the time to discuss my concerns.


The Crowning Venture is a groundbreaking look into the story of women's Quran memorization. We’re given a personal glimpse into Dr. Mian's own story, and then are introduced to a number of women who touch our hearts and inspire us to do better. The reader begins to "see" the presence of hafithat in her community, and new horizons are opened as "become a hafiza" is added to her life ambitions.


Like many of the women in The Crowning Venture, memorizing Quran was not something I thought I was capable of. But after reading their stories, I've packed a good bit of reading practice, some supportive friends, and lots of duas, and I'm headed out on my own crowning venture.

- NAJIYAH MAXFIELD (Author of Sophia's Journal)

Full of heartwarming and inspiring stories that won’t let you put the book down! Guidance and reassurance for people of all ages; Qur’an truly is for everyone. It affirms that whether you are struggling to just learn the correct pronunciation of letters, a beginner reader, advanced or working on memorization or comprehension it is a lifelong journey. Any interaction with the Qur’an brings you closer to Allah swt. Start slow but have a goal and keep up a daily interaction.The author beautifully shares her own and others’ thoughts and observations. Very descriptive and well written. Speaks to the heart. Brings the Qur’an to life and makes it totally approachable. Makes you want to start the journey...yesterday.

- MS Reviewer

Alssalamu Alaikum,I am a convert of many years now and over my time I've been able to memorize juz amma and a few surahs I try to recite regularly. A few years ago after first participating in Pilgrims at Home I embarked on memorizing Surah Baqarah. Alhamdulilah I was able to complete it but never felt like a would be able up keep the surahs if I memorized more so I stopped memorizing. I just finished reading your book and told myself I should start the journey again.The time when I memorized Baqarah was really special to me and I want that relationship with the Quran and Allah to continue. So this was me this morning, up before all the kids and my husband back at it. Maybe you wondered what kind of impact yourbook would have? I am writing this to let you know it was a call to action for me, like Allah spoke to me through your writing, so I pray that you will also receive and reward for my efforts.

- Jazakum Allah Khairan