Crowning Venture

If you’ve ever sighed wistfully upon hearing of someone memorizing the Quran, wishing it was something you could do, too, then prepare to replace that wistfulness with determination!

Filled with inspirational stories for your heart and memorization techniques for your mind, The Crowning Venture reminds us that memorizing the Quran is not an achievement to be conquered, it’s a journey to savor. A journey YOU can make. 

Excerpt from the book

Charlotte memorized her first juzu’ just by listening to the verses over and over again. “Of course I had to go back and learn the alphabet after that, but it was beautiful to me. I loved it so much. From the beginning, it spoke to my heart.” After memorizing her first pages without any knowledge of Arabic letters, and only through initiation of the sounds, Charlotte began to find ways to learn how to read, or at least phonetically decode, the Quran in Arabic. “It was very difficult back then, of course, being a black woman and trying to learn Quran. “There were no females to teach me, so even with the alphabet I had to just get as much as I could from wherever I could, speaking to different Arab sisters and asking them, ‘Well, how do you say this letter?’ Or ‘How do you say this? Say this line for me.”

Crowning Venture

Available For:

  • Lectures about Quran
  • Workshops on tajwid and Quranic Memorization
  • Book-signings
  • Medical lectures about maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Crowning Venture is about the triumphs and obstacles women faced in their Quran memorization journeys.  Click here to purchase book.